Our Heritage

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Our Heritage

Crossbred from Ushanka’s and aviator hats, our Original Alaskan Fur Hats have a profound history. The legacy of the Ushanka, our fur trooper hat, is said to have originated from the ancient Scythians of the Iron Age, 600 BC. As nomads, the Scythians braved the unforgivable European winters in their Ushanka’s, literally translating into “ear hat”. Ushanka’s have maintained popularity throughout the world for centuries and have played a powerful role in the histories of countries such as Russia and Canada. Now, fast forward to the start of the twenty first century. During the onset of aviation, pilots of open cockpit planes would be seen in protective leather hats with a brim and secured ear flaps to protect themselves from the elements.

Yukon Tracks® joined the legacy in 2003. For the past decade, Yukon Tracks ® has provided quality Original Alaskan Fur Hats and Fur Trooper Hats to the public. A modern version of the classics available to you from Yukon Tracks® include the Original Alaskan Fur Hat with Realtree®, the Knit Fur Hat, and Wee Tracks, the same high-quality Yukon Tracks®, just for the wee little ones. So join us in the outdoors and keep warm in your Yukon Tracks® hat.

A promise from the Yukon Tracks® Product Manager:

Yukon Tracks® is celebrating its 10th year in 2013.

It is the loyalty of our customers that allows us to continue to grow and be who we are.

Yukon Tracks® is devoted to you the customer and will continue to travel to the ends of the earth to give you, our customers, the best genuine fur hats & outstanding customer service you will ever find! I guarantee it!

Yukon Tracks® Hats:

  • High Quality
  • Affordable
  • Tender, Love & Care
  • Style

Sandra L Roberts
Sandra L. Roberts, Yukon Tracks® Product Manager

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